9th Marathon of the Marathons

International Ultramarathon manifestation and Serbian Championship
Athletic Association of Serbian Extreme Races
Chief referee:
Nedeljko Todorović
The venue:
Belgrade, Ada Ciganlija – at the restaurant „To the End of the World …“
Saturday, March 10, 2018.
Maintenance time:
– Event start – 08.00h
Type of race and right of participation:
length ultramarathon races of 50 miles and 100 km, as well as weather ultramarathon races at 6h (PS) and 12 hours in women’s and men’s competitions.
Registered participants must have at least 18 years of age and each participant runs on his own responsibility, which confirms the signing of the participant’s application.
The route was certified on 29 September 2017 and is on the AIMS – IAAF list, under the number SRB2018-003 with the importance of the certificate until 31.12.2022.
Start Race:
– Ultramaraton – 100 km at 8h
– Ultramaraton – 12h at 8: 00h
– Ultramaraton – 50 miles at 8:00h
– Ultramaraton – 6h at 8: 00h
absolute, with the organizer declaring the winners in the category 50+ if the number of registered ones until March 3, 2018 is greater than 5 in both women’s and men’s competitions …
Race Limits:
Ultramaraton – 100km is limited to 13 h,
Ultramaraton – 50 miles is limited to 10,30 h,
Ultramaraton – 6 and Ultramaraton – 12 h are limited by the indicated time.
During the time races limited to 6 and 12 hours, the participants, at the time of announcing the end of the race by the main judge, set their starting number on the spot where they found themselves and wait for the arrival of the chief referee to measure the length at which the competitor ended the race.
straight – start and the target at 73 mn / altitude along the entire track is within 71.6m n / v to 73.3m n / v
During the race, there is a rebound that creates: water, ginger tea, lard … juices, coca cola, vitamins and minerals … fruit: apples, lemon, bananas, dried grapes, mandarins or oranges … lamb proja (bread from corn flour ), salted biscuits, special double coated olive oil and salted, napkins, cookies, euro cream, black chocolate, homemade jams … vegetables prepared on steam, fresh vegetables: carrots, beets, ginger … macaroni baked, and other ethno foods of plant origin.
All this food is not present all the time, we serve it as a race goes by, also, based on the experience and direct consultation with the participants, as well as depending on the weather conditions, and if participants express a need for certain type of refreshment. As the refreshments are present all the time along the path, competitors in passage can request something from this offer in advance, which will be prepared for the next arrival at the 2 km gain.

– March 8, 2018 at 16:00 we will announce the starting list (with the starting numbers of participants) for all races at the 9th Marathon of the Marathon
Prizes and awards:
Students of ultramarathon races of 50 miles and 100 km receive participant medals only if they run the length for which they are registered in a limited time.
All participants in the ultramarathon racing events receive participant medals of the ultramarathon race in which they are registered provided they exceed a longer length of 42,195km for a limited time.
Awarding for:
Ultramaraton 6h is from 17:00
Ultramaraton 50 miles from 18.00h
Ultramaratone card.rs at 12h and 100km from 22h
If the three first-placed competitors do not appear at the announcement of the winner, they lose the right to the cup and the medals will be sent to them by post (on their expense).

Start-up fees for payment until 31.12.2017 (BEST)
Ultramaraton – 100km and Ultramaraton – 12h ……… 45,00 euro,
Ultramaraton 50 miles … .. 40.00 euros
Ultramaraton 6h … .. 35.00 Euros

Start-up fees for payments up to 15. 02. 2018.
Ultramaraton – 100km and Ultramaraton – 12h ……… 55.00 euros,
Ultramaraton 50 miles … .. 50.00 euros
Ultramaraton 6h … .. € 45.00

Start-up fees for payments after 16 February 2018
Ultramaraton – 100km and Ultramaraton – 12h ……… 70,00 euro,
Ultramaraton 50 miles … .. 60.00 euros
Ultramaraton 6h … .. 55.00 euros
Payment of the start-up fee is done on the slip which the competitor receives from the administrator after the application has been filled.
Note: There is a possibility to pay a bonus in two parts for the most favorable amount if the registered competitor pays 50% of the amount of the start-up fee by the 31.12.2017. and the rest can be paid on the day of collecting the start numbers.
All these amounts in euros shall be paid in RSD counter value at the middle exchange rate of the NBS.
March 9, 2018, from 15:00 to 20:00 and March 10, 2018, from 6:00 am – 7:00 am in the restaurant „To the End of the World …“ at Ada Ciganlija.
Promoter 9. Marathon of the Marathon
Zmago Horvat
Extra: All participants are eligible to participate in the annual MARATHON of the MARATHON Awards that will be awarded to contestants for the results achieved on the mountain and urban ultramarathons organized by ASSET and ASSET members.


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